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Creative Inspiration #1 - The Sun

(originally published in 2014)

With all the snow, rain and sleet that we have been having in the northeast, almost everyone that I speak to is ready for spring or summer, so I thought that I would put something out there for a small bit of motivation and to keep your mind on soemthing other than snow.

The Sun...

A source of energy, reflection, calmness and at times a dramatic vision of nature.

At times we are very attune to the presence of ther sun, from the begining of a soft sunrise, to the glittering highlights of ripples in a pone or a piercing light through some clouds.

There are other times that it is the unnoticied source thst makes you focus on another subject... the shadow of some leaves, some items near a window or a cool car grill that gleams

The Sun...

When I capture the natural light of the sun through, behind or as a subject... it is magic.... and when I look back at those captured images, I remember my mood, whether it as calmness, excitement or a moment to ponder... and I feel as if I am capturing it again.

This weeks blog is dedicated to the life and spirt of Dona Brannigan, her husband and my life long friend Joe and their children... remember the little things to keep you strong, now and forever.

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