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"My  goal is to create art + imagery which goes beyond traditional images. For me, it is an art form of discovery." 

Paul Cammarata is an award winning Artist, Photographer and Graphic Design Leader living in Port Jefferson Station, NY. He is a former Vice President of the North Shore Art Guild and currently, a along-time advisor for the Visual Communications Department of Farmingdale College.


Paul’s long history in creative arts and graphic design started with early education that included drawing, painting, photography, design, printing and sculpture. He graduated from SUNY Farmingdale with a degree focused in advertising art and design. For 40 years, Paul has held various roles and lead creative teams in graphic design, art direction, print production, photography, retouching, image creation, videography, creative training and more.


His Art + Photography includes a variety of subjects and niches, such as; Nature as Art, Custom + Classic Automobiles, Destination Imagery, Still Life + Abstract Photography, Photo-paintings and Digital Art.  You can also find his work in his self-published books. 

An artists conversation

"I was happy to be chosen for this short film where I was interviewed about my art and photography. This clip has excerpts from that interview. I thank the filmmaker and appreciate the finished piece. It was for one of his class projects…Oh yeah, that filmmaker… is my son Jason."

"Nice job kiddo!"

- Paul Cammarata

An Artists Conversation
Artists Statment

Artists Statement 

I love to create art and capture images. I embrace the basic concept of creating something from nothing and enjoy the path of creating art and imagery. It starts with what inspires me, which is almost everything! 


My imagery and artistic creations range from traditional photography to photo-paintings and digital art. When I create, I utilize the skills I have learned from my years of study in painting, sculpture, graphic design, photography and more. I also continue to study a variety of artist that intrigue and inspire me and my work.


I begin my creations with a thought of what I would like to achieve or when I see something that catches my eye. For my photography, I like to discover, study and capture a particular place, subject or moment of the day. For all of my art and graphics, I try to enhance and highlight the uniqueness of each piece by experimenting with composition, color, tone and technique. I am mindful to compliment each subject through my approach. 


My efforts and goals are to set a tone and evoke a mood or feeling. I want to create imagery which goes beyond traditional images… for me, it is an art form of discovery. 


For those who view and purchase my work, my wish is the same… I hope those who do take the time to view my images, enjoy them as much as I have enjoyed discovering, studying and capturing each one.


-Paul Cammarata

If you are interested in Paul's graphic design work, please visit his design site by clicking on the following link:

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