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"I love to create and capture images. I have always had an affinity towards photography, particularly in my efforts to set a tone and evoke a mood or feeling." 

Paul Cammarata is a photographer, artist, creative director and graphic design manager. He is a lifelong resident of Long Island and has a long history in creative arts and design. 
In his early education , he was trained in drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, stage design and more. In college, Paul studied visual arts with a focus in advertising and design. He has worked in the graphic design industry with roles in design, art direction, image creation, printing, creative training and currently in creative executive leadership.
Professionally, Paul manages a nationwide group of graphic designers for a professional services firm. For his personal art, Paul started his  photography endeavor, Gallery C Studios. He creates imagery to be more than traditional images. It is an art form of discovery. He focuses in a few niches: Nature as Art, Customs & Classics, Destinations, Still Life and Abstracts as well as Photo Paintings.

An artists conversation

I was happy to be chosen for this short film where I was interviewed about my art and photography. This clip has excerpts from that interview. I thank the filmmaker and appreciate the finished piece. It was for one of his class projects…Oh yeah, that filmmaker… is my son Jason.

Nice job kiddo!


If you are interested in Paul's graphic design work, please visit his design site by clicking on the following link: https://www.psquared-design.com

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