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What's it worth?

In the graphic design profession, there has been always been a frustration in regard to how much design service and talent is worth. This is particularly an issue with many freelance artists dealing directly with clients. It also frustrates staff designers who work with colleagues in markeing and sales that are involvled in selling the creative talent and service of the company.

The following statements are constant in the graphic design industry...

  • Yes this is a lower rate, but think of the exposure that you will get....

  • We had to come in this low, because there is potentially a lot of more work...

  • Well our initial estimate was more but someone else came in $2,500 cheaper so we had to drop the price.....

  • We need to give this prospect more variations on spec... the more we give, the more of a chance we will get this.

  • It's not our normal type of design work, so we had to charge less...

  • You need to drop everything, we need this completed in 2 weeks.. witout rush fees or print overtime...

  • Well, design is subjective*, so we need to give them more.

Now, think if you were to use the statments above with other professions.. It would sound ridiculous.

Would these statements be acceptable by a medical professional?... A lawyer?... A plumber?... a food establishment? an airline?... or an accountant?... No, if they are good at their profession, they get paid a rate the coincides with their expertise, experience and hourly rates.

Let's also not forget what graphic design does: It sells products, helps recruit investors and employees, connects buyers to services, establishes brands and creates brand awareness, engages interest in books, publications, movies,etc., it convinces donors to give to worthy causes.. and a much more.

A worthy graphic design professional or design firm starts with a specialized talent, are trained well, generally are very dedicated to their craft and committed to constantly improve the service that they deliver to clients.

Now that's worth something!

(*design is not subjective... if it's good, its good and there is no need for quanitity...however, tastes of style are different, but a good designer will know this)

See a variety of comments at an old blog: If other professionals were paid like artist.

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